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ISPM 15 Global Guide Continued...


Colombia - notice of intent to implement ISPM15 - actual date to be determined. To view WTO notification. (Update 14 September 2004)

Costa Rica

Costa Rica - will implement ISPM15 on 19 March 2006. To view notification ( in Spanish). ( Updated 9 November 2005).


From 1 March 2005 new landing requirements apply for wood, wood products and wooden packaging material arriving in the European Community from all countries, except Switzerland. The landing requirement does not apply to wood, wood products and wooden packaging material which is simply moving from one EU member State to another. Additionally there is no phytosanitary certificate requirement for wooden packaging material arriving in the EC , which is ISPM15 compliant as the certification is provided via the ISPM15 wood mark.

The new rules, which are set out in Council Directive 2004/102/EC, will be incorporated into our national legislation as quickly as possible, once the final implementing details are agreed in Brussels.

For most wood products, the existing requirements will continue to apply. New treatment options, such as heat treatment for all conifer wood, regardless of country of origin, have been agreed AND THESE WILL BE ACCEPTED in Great Britain from 1 March.

Wood packaging material (WPM) will also be affected following EU implementation of ISPM 15 on 1 March. From that date, all WPM, such as boxes, crates, pallets, which are made using any unmanufactured wood products, MUST meet the new requirements and be either heat treated or fumigated with Methyl bromide under an officially approved programme and carry the internationally agreed mark. WPM comprised entirely of manufactured wood products such as plywood, particle board, oriented strand board or similar is EXEMPT, and need not be treated or marked.

Note: the requirement in Directive 2004/102/EC that all WPM must be made from debarked wood has been suspended for one year ie until 1st March 2006 and WILL NOT therefore be enforced. Directive 2005/15/EC dated 28th February 2004 provides details of this amendment.
Emergency measures: In the meantime the emergency measures covering WPM from Canada, China, Japan and the USA will remain in place, pending review.

This means coniferous WPM from these countries must be heat treated, chemically pressure impregnated or Methyl bromide fumigated and marked (and from China, only, be accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate). In addition, non-coniferous WPM from China must be EITHER bark-free and free of insect bore holes > 3 mm across OR kiln-dried.

For all WPM manufactured after 28 February 2005, the mark must also include the IPPC1 logo.

For WPM manufactured before that date, and until 31 December 2007, the mark need only contain the country code, the producer code and the treatment code. After 1 January 2008, all WPM will need to have the full ISPM 15 mark, including the IPPC logo.


From 1 March 2005, and until 31 December 2007, all dunnage must either be bark-free, free of pests and signs of live pests OR be heat treated or fumigated with Methyl bromide and carry the ISPM 15 mark incorporating the country code, the producer code and the treatment code. For treated and marked dunnage there is no requirement for the wood to be debarked until 1 March 2006. After 1 January 2008, all dunnage will need to have the full ISPM 15 mark, including the IPPC logo.

This information is correct at the time of publication and will be updated as required. Updated 3rd March 05.


Ecuador has announced its intention to implement ISPM15 with effect from 30 September 2005. We do not have details at present but will provide these when available. (Updated 28 July 2005).


Egypt will implement ISPM15 on 1 October 2005.


Guatemala lodged a WTO notification announcing implementation of ISPM15. Proposed date of adoption 25 January 2005. Note Details of the Guatemalan requirements will be provided as soon as they are published.


The relevant authority has advised that it has implemented ISPM15. Unfortunately we are unable to publish any official document as the notification was made by email to the Forestry Commission.


Honduras has notified of ISPM 15 implementation.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong plant health authorities at
Phytosanitary Certificate not required.


India implemented ISPM15 on 1st November 2004 and has published details of its landing requirements. Material with a plant origin used for packaging must either be heat treated or fumigated. Click here to see details as published by Ministry of Agriculture in India. Click here to see subsequent amendment (Updated 31 May 2004). Click here for Ministry of Agriculture, Plant Quarantine Organisation of India.

India has published details of its implementation of ISPM15 and landing requirements for wood packaging material w.e.f. 1st November 2004.

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